How to Incorporate Real-Life Events in Fiction?

How to Incorporate Real-Life Events in Fiction?

Reality is stranger than fiction, but what if you want to twist and turn it into a work of fiction? Well, it’s not new; hundreds of writers have used their lives as the basis for some fantastic fictional stories. But it can be tricky when you’re attempting it for the first time and don’t know where to start. Here are some tips to help you out:

#1 When you’re writing about your own experience, remember that you are not necessarily the expert. A story can be much more interesting if the narrator is struggling with the material — figuring it out. It will probably be more successful — less one-sided or pedantic — if you’re less certain where the good and evil lie. So it’s better if you don’t try to know all the answers before you begin.

#2 Don’t copy the story from reality exactly into fiction. Writers who begin from memory often worry that their characters or situations will be recognizable. Add small details to it which are not telling of its reality. It’s okay that what you set out to do may not be what you end up with. This doesn’t imply a lack of skill, but a willingness to trust the story’s strongest moments.

#3 Creating believable characters and a dramatic plot is difficult, but to couple that with the formlessness, confusion, and indecision of everyday real life is fairly easy.

#4 Change the names and professions of your characters. Also change the character’s physical appearance, details of their childhood, and add details of experiences that they’ve never had.

#5 Don’t tell everything to your reader. Even if the story is real, draw out the fiction in it. By the time you get done with your makeovers, plot twists, and search for a more substantial framework for the story, the characters will have definitely taken on their own, fictional lives.

Infusing fiction with reality is a wonderful base to start with, especially if you’re just starting to write. We can’t wait for you to finish that novel/novella/collection of short stories, and send it to our editors who will absolutely love going through them. Check out PaperTrue for more editing and proofreading services.




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Proofreading and Editing Services.

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