Co-writing: Advantageous or Not?

3 min readSep 2, 2020

One of the long-established protocols in the writing community is that a writer always works alone. A genius mind like that can only work in peace and get their best ideas when they are alone…or so we think. A lot of writers get substantial help in writing communities in the form of feedback, industry insights, writing schedules, and pep talks. So it’s safe to say that writers can work in pairs, or in trios. But how does that pan out creatively? Here are some things that are characteristic of writing together:

#1 You can divide responsibilities. For someone who is writing alone, it often becomes a task because of a multitude of other things; a full-time job, kids, chores, mental health problems, etc. If you are writing with someone, you can divide responsibilities between the both of you. For example, if you’re working on a historical novel, one of you could take up the research and you could craft a writing schedule to help you stay on track.

#2 You can bounce ideas off each other. This is like an editor finding things to improve in your writing; they look at it with a fresh set of eyes. Similarly, a fresh perspective always helps to create stories that might not be what you expect, but create enough room in your mind for reconsideration and contemplation.

#3 You can cheer each other up. Be it melancholy because of a writer’s block or an unprecedented existential crisis, the writer that you’re working with may be better able to provide you with a few words of comfort because they might have gone through the same thing more than once.

#4 At creative loggerheads with each other. Sometimes it becomes difficult to actually listen to the writer you’re working with because you want to put forth your idea, and you think that it’s a better one than theirs. How do we write this character? Should the plot be linear or not? Should we start constructing the setting halfway through the writing process or get it done all at once? There are too many possibilities of creative chaos ensuing when two extremely different writers work together. This is why maybe you should work on a temporary basis first to gauge both your temperaments and then move on to a more permanent schedule.

#5 Writing in a consistent voice may be difficult. Depending on the work, the presence of multiple voices…


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